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In 1987 a modeling scout convinced Claudia Schiffer to go to Paris to try modeling. Not long after she
became the face of the famous Chanel line. She then starred in a campaign for Guess jeans. She
would eventually appear on more than 500 magazines’ covers, including Vogue and Rolling Stone.
She walked virtually every major designer runway and became nearly omnipresent in marketing
Model. Born August 25, 1970, to Heinz and Gudrun Schiffer in Rheinberg, Germany. Along with her
two brothers and one sister, Claudia Schiffer grew up in a close-knit and well-to-do family in the
Dusseldorf suburbs. By her own account, Schiffer was a shy and awkward teenager, painfully
conscious of her 5-feet 11-inch height, skinny build, and status as the daughter of a prominent and
wealthy family. “I wasn’t a star,” she has said of her school days. “There were other girls who were the
stars, who were the ones everybody thought were beautiful, the ones everybody wanted to go out
with. I had my friends, but I was never 100-percent part of them, because I was so different.”
Therefore, it came as a huge shock to the 17-year-old when she was approached at a Dusselfdorf
disco by a modeling scout, who convinced Schiffer and her parents to let her go to Paris in 1987 to try
out modeling. Schiffer was sure it was all a fluke. “After I was discovered, and did the test shots, I was
sure that they would realize they had made a mistake and send me back.”
There had been no mistake. Not long after her first runway shows, the lanky blonde was chosen by
designer Karl Lagerfeld to be the face of the famous Chanel line. She then starred in a global
campaign for Guess jeans, catapulting her to worldwide superstardom. Schiffer would eventually
appear on the covers of more than 500 magazines, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Rolling Stone,
where she became the first model ever to grace the famed music magazine’s cover. She walked
virtually every major designer runway and became nearly omnipresent in marketing campaigns.
Beneath her angelic looks, Schiffer was – as Karl Lagerfeld said – “all work, very serious, essentially a
smooth-running German business machine.” Schiffer gave credit to her family for her business sense.
“I had a good start because my family was behind me,” she said. “Some girls just starting out make
the wrong choices because they have to do those things to make money. I was able to say, let’s have
fun, do things I like to do. And they turned out to be the right things.” As a result, she became a key
member of the well-paid, universally recognized “supermodel” set of the 1980s and 90s, joining
colleagues like Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford in this elite status. For a time,
Schiffer was the highest-paid model in the world, commanding fees as high as $50,000 a day and
earning millions more through licensing and endorsements.
Schiffer also tried her hand at acting, hosting television specials and taking bit parts in movies, with
varying degrees of success. Of her turn in the 1999 film Black and White, for example, a rather harsh
New York Times reviewer wrote, “In the case of poor Claudia Schiffer, the German supermodel, who
plays Dean’s lover, the movie stops to applaud her efforts to wrestle English to the floor and pin it.” In
2010, Schiffer turned 40, an age at which many models have long since been forced to retire. Just
months before her 40th birthday, however, Schiffer won the Elle Style Awards trophy for Model of the
Year. She has the freedom to be as choosy as she likes with her projects, but isn’t ready to retire just
yet. “The most important thing is that you take the profession very seriously, because it is a business,”
Schiffer said of her approach to modeling. “If you really want to make it, you have to give it your all.
And well, I work everyday. You work weekends. You work holidays. And you just – that is your passion
and that’s what you want to do.”

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