Sports endorsements

Michael Schumacher

Being a sports agency for years, we know how sports endorsements will take your event to a higher level. Booking sportsmen or women will endorse your event considerably. International football players, top runners, swimmers and racing drivers. Name someone and we will arrange the person that fits your event. We have access to all top sportsmen and women on the planet. Our extensive and constantly updated database makes it possible to meet your wishes at any time.

Top sports celebrities
Besides contacting and contracting we arrange all necessities. Logistics, paperwork and technical production for example. You can leave that to us since we have a lot of experience. Therefore we work together with the best partners in the branch. Like us our partners work with the same high standards as we do. This means our customers can count on a professional attitude and execution of all our activities.

Events to remember
Sports endorsements will help you make the maximum impact on your audience. Our worldwide agents enable us to provide your event with the perfect sportsman or woman. They can entertain but also inspire and motivate. Most of the time top sports celebrities are an example for almost everyone. Their perseverance, courage, professionalism and power inspire and encourage entrepreneurs in every continent.

Satisfied customers
We are born to fulfil your wishes. Like our sports celebrities we stand out from the crowd. Bringing in a common sports agency will not be sufficient. We show full commitment, drive and passion. In practice this means most principals return to us to utilize our services. Again and again. Years of experience, loyalty and listening well to our clients has borne fruit. On our website you will find all relevant information. Special requests? Call us and we will find a solution.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

Thirty years and 3,000,000 pounds later, Richard Simmons is still going strong. Using his unique wit, passion and enthusiasm, Simmons, the nation’s most revered fitness expert, continues his crusade to…