Talent acquisition

Justin Bieber

Searching for talent is a hot topic. Finding the best talents is not for everyone… EBA knows where to scout and find the talents that fit your company event. Being an experienced talent acquisition agency our agents know where to find the paths to these talents. Meanwhile we have an extensive database with talents available from all disciplines. Performers like vocalists, piano players, hip hop style dancers, clowns, et cetera.

Our talent
All our customers deserve total commitment. While contacting and linking the desired talent to your company we have to take several parameters into consideration. We always keep the corporate values in mind which means almost all customers return to us again and again. Our passion, professional attitude, quality and experience are our key values on our route to our objectives. And we don’t hide these successes, why should we?

To please your audience
Our team is well-trained in scouting and selecting the best talents. Due to our experience and professionalism we can provide you with the best fit for your audience. Your audience will appreciate your choice and show faces with smiles on it. You – as a customer – will be pleased without doubt. When you notice a happy crowd you know it’s alright.

Worldwide companies
To pleasure our clients we always keep pleasure and a perfect result in mind. Finding the best new talents is our mission and always a challenge we like to rise. And we are very successful with that. We work for multinationals and other big organizations from all over the world. We are accustomed to most of the wishes and needs. But there is always a new challenge with every new customer. Our excellent support in selecting and booking the most suitable talent for your event has not gone unnoticed.