Corporate entertainment

David Hasselhoff

Entertainment for your company
Booking entertainment for your company is our core business. Nowadays corporate entertainment is very popular and not without a reason. Besides the extra attention for your business, products or services it’s also very effective. We work for companies all over the world from multinationals to local retailers. We’ve booked famous dance acts, theatre companies, music groups and performers from all over the planet. Professional entertainment fascinates the audience and is the profit for your event.

Corporate entertainment
Being a world leading corporate entertainment booking agency we know all ins and outs. And mostly what kind of entertainment suits your corporate event best. Music stars, dance masters, stand-up comedians, music groups, show masters et cetera. Whatever you prefer we offer you the best possibilities. It is to this end we take your target group and all your needs and potential into consideration.

Focus on entertainment
Corporate entertainment is one part of the spectrum. Besides we take care of contracts and all the necessary paperwork. We offer you total support and relieve you from customary obligations. All contracts will be watertight to avoid legal wrangling in case of disputes. Your focus should be on the entertainment, ours on passing it of smoothly.

At your service
Paramount to the success is that we will meet your wishes. Our partners know what’s hot and what’s not and how to negotiate. Communication is one of our key skills. Therefore you will always know the actual status of your entertainment booking. We always keep you posted and provide you quickly with answers about availability, costs, deadlines, riders et cetera. Do you have urgent questions? Do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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