Public speakers

Anderson Cooper

If you like to endorse your event you have a lot of options. A public speaker can be a cherry on the pie of your event. With an extensive number of public speakers in our lengthy database we offer you numerous speakers from all over the world. Choosing and selecting is not easy. Fortunately the professional EBA team members know how to advise you and help you select. Al our speakers are professionals with a lot of experience. And they know how to play on your audience…

Select a public speaker
As a public speakers agency for a long time we know which public speakers will endorse your event. Therefore we will always select the best suitable public speaker from our database. We give you the possibility to select speakers with different backgrounds. From all kinds of industries and disciplines: politicians, entertainers, CEO’s, musicians, sportsmen and women, TV hosts et cetera. Our customers will always be able to choose and pick the perfect public speaker from our wide range catalogue.

Customer satisfaction
Our clients return to us more than once. Actually, time after time after time… Because they are very pleased with our professional work and services. We simply know how to book public speakers. With our reliability and commitment we are able to provide each customer with a special feeling. A good feeling that he will experience each time he is doing business with EBA. We take care all our customers will have this special feeling.

Easy to hire
Our database changes constantly. We always update our website to provide you with the most attractive speakers. In some cases it can be difficult to select the public speaker you have on your wish list. In that case we are glad to give you some assistance and additional information to choose an alternative. Do not hesitate to contact one of our customer relation employees for detailed information then.

Harry Beckwith

Harry beckwith

Harry Beckwith has led major marketing initiatives for 14 Fortune 100 companies, including Target, Wells Fargo, Merck and IBM, work that has won the American Marketing Association’s highest award. Harry also…

Jason Jennings


Jason Jennings has spent twenty years founding and leading successful businesses and consulting other companies; teaching them how to achieve their full economic potential. He was the youngest radio station group…

Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero has the most advanced, leading-edge “business to business” sales and sales management training available today. Everything he does is extensively researched and has one bottom line focus…to increase…

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is one of the most versatile men in Hollywood. He recently hosted Comedy Central’s “Too Late with Adam Carolla” and starred in TLC’s “The Adam Carolla Project,” which…

Adam Hartung


Adam Hartung helps companies innovate to achieve real growth with 20 years of practical experience in developing and implementing strategies to take advantage of emerging technologies and new business models.…