Sport bookings

Hulk Hogan

We offer you sports celebrities for all your events. As well-known agency we know how to book sportsmen and women to endorse your corporate events. International football players, top athletes, tennis players and others. Name someone and we will arrange your sport bookings. With access to all top sportsmen and women in the world we are able to achieve your aims. Our experience guarantees you a gradual party, product presentation or jubilee night if you book a sport celebrity.

Best partners
Being a world leading sport booking agency we take care of all necessities. Booking, contracting, logistics and technical production. Our team consist of the best people in the branch. We have a lot of experience by doing this for years already. Moreover we work with the best partners in the branch. With all people involved working in unison your event will be a success from the beginning.

Choose and select
Choosing and selecting the most fitting sport bookings can be difficult. We help you make the best choice to realize your perfect sports endorsement. Because of their talents and commitment sports celebs have lived their dream. Some as team player, others as an individual. In any case your product launch, company party, staff party or jubilee will be of a higher level.

Total commitment
Of course we work as hard as possible to fulfil your wishes completely. From our side you may expect commitment, drive and passion. This is the foundation for our healthy company and the satisfaction of our clients. In practice this means a lot of companies come back to us again and again to utilize our services. We are happy with that and it proves our service, quality and professionalism.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

Thirty years and 3,000,000 pounds later, Richard Simmons is still going strong. Using his unique wit, passion and enthusiasm, Simmons, the nation’s most revered fitness expert, continues his crusade to…