Corporate hospitality

John O'Hurley

Being a first class agency, we’ve booked the world’s most important artists for private and corporate events. As top service we offer you corporate hospitality as highlight for your personal attention. At special occasions you may expect special treatment. We know how to provide you with this special feeling. During dinner, a movie premiere, a launch party or exclusive award ceremony our corporate hospitality stands for VIP treatment. Our professionalism and experience guarantee you a perfect feeling and event.

Core values
Prices and costs are irrelevant to quality. This means we write Quality with a capital q. In practice you will experience you will find our Quality everywhere. In your customer relationship, your presentation, your after party and your overall service. Feeling should not be underestimated either and is also very important. Whatever we organize we always keep your core values in mind. In the end it will pay off…

Specific services
EBA can handle a variety of specific event-related services. From selected small services to services that demand all creative, technical and logistical aspects. In relation to corporate hospitality this means you will receive red carpet treatment and an excellent feeling while you’re enjoying your favourite artist from your VIP seat. You will find this exclusiveness everywhere: tasteful meals, seats and sofas, the entrance, flower arrangements and the professional attitude of your temporary staff.

Total dedication
Corporate hospitality is the top of customer treatment and needs special dedication. Bringing in an ordinary booking agency will not be sufficient then. We guarantee professionalism, high-end etiquette and commitment. In practice this means a lot of companies come back to us again and again. A result of years of experience, our loyalty and listening well to our clients. Without being modest: we got the feeling.

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