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Marc Anthony

Leading celebrity agency
As leading celebrity agency we know where and how to contact the world’s most important celebrities for your event. From international artists to top athletes. From movie stars to inspiring entrepreneurs. Name a celebrity and we can make an arrangement for booking. The presence and performance of celebrities is a guarantee for the success of your event. For this property we are the foundation. Years of experience assure you an unconcerned event. Our customers will have the fun, not the trouble.

All what is necessary
Of course we take care of all required arrangements like booking, contracting, logistics and technical production. Before we book we help you to choose and select the celebrity that fits your event best. All our customers will have no worries at all. That’s one of our aims. Besides we take care of all imperative paperwork on location.

Memories remain
When all preparations have been made the actual moment is there. No matter which celebrity you have chosen, he or she (or they) will be the perfect endorsement. For your company event, product presentation or jubilee. Irrespective of the event we organize: we create fine memories that will be talked over years after years.

Perfect endorsement
When we do business you will discern we show total dedication. Just good is not enough. We want to offer you a perfect endorsement. Meet with your wishes completely. We are not a regular celebrity agency that will just execute your order. Our customers need total dedication and we understand that. Due to this devotion a lot of companies come back to us again and again. Commitment, excellent quality and clear communication are our key words to reach the best results with your presentation, event or project.

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