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Born in Spain in 1975, Enrique Iglesias is the son of popular Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Iglesias
grew up largely in Miami and began singing as a teenager. He released his self-titled debut album in
1995 and, like his subsequent studio works, proved to be a huge success. By early 2012, Iglesias had
sold more than 60 million records worldwide. His most successful songs include “Bailamos,” “Rhythm
Divine,” “Be With You,” “Escape,” “Maybe, Enrique Iglesias was born Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
in Madrid, Spain, on May 8, 1975. The youngest of three children, Iglesias is the son of popular
Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, and Isabel Preysler, a well-known Madrid socialite.
Following the kidnapping of his grandfather, Iglesias was sent to Miami to live with his father due to
security concerns. Because of his father’s intense touring schedule, much of Iglesias’s parenting came
from his nanny, Elvira Olivares, to whom he later dedicated his first album. By the time he was a
teenager, Iglesias had started to follow in his father’s footsteps. His first live performance came in a
production of Hello, Dolly! at his school, the prestigious Gulliver Private School in Miami. From there,
he started writing and performing songs at various Miami restaurants with a small group of friends, all
of which he kept secret from his parents. “It’s not like I was looking for a record deal then,” Iglesias
later said. “I did it because I loved it. I never told anyone. For me it was a getaway to sing, one of
those things I didn’t want anyone to screw up.” After graduating from high school, Iglesias enrolled at
the University of Miami, where he intended to study business. But the world of music kept calling to
him, and after just a year of college, he dropped out.
Intent on making it without the help of his father or his famous last name, Iglesias started shopping
demos of his work to various producers under the name Enrique Martinez. He’d recorded the cassette,
which featured one Spanish song and a pair of English tunes, by secretly borrowing money from his
nanny. Hard work soon paid off, and in 1995 Iglesias, much to the chagrin of his parents, inked a
record contract. Later that year, Iglesias’s self-titled debut album hit CD stores. The record proved to
be more of a hit than Iglesias had ever imagined, going gold in Portugal in just seven days, and selling
more than 6 million copies worldwide. The following year Iglesias took home numerous accolades,
including a 1996 Grammy Award for best Latin performer, Billboard’s “Artist of the Year” and “Album of
the Year” honors, and a pair of American Music Awards. Iglesias’s 1997 follow-up, Vivir, went big as
well, registering more than 5 million in sales and launching the singer’s first-ever world tour. In 1999,
he made a career breakthrough with the song “Bailamos” (“We Dance”); released as a single, the
song soon became a No. 1 hit on the U.S. charts and was featured in the popular film Wild Wild West,
starring actor Will Smith. Iglesias met with even greater success three years later, when he released
his first all-English record, Enrique (2000), including the songs “Rhythm Divine” and “Be With You.”
Just when it seemed like Iglesias’s career had hit its peak of success, the singer-songwriter released
his most successful album to date: Escape (2001). Iglesias co-wrote the album (his second English
record), which includes the incredibly popular songs “Escape,” “Maybe,” “Don’t Turn Off The Lights”
and “Hero.”
Following Escape’s success, Iglesias went on to release several other recordings, including the 2003
album 7; 2007′s Insomniac, including the popular song “Push”; and 2010′s Euphoria, which includes
the singles “I Like It” and “Ayer.” By early 2012, Iglesias had sold more than 40 million albums
worldwide. Tall and good-looking, with an air of coolness that sets him apart from his father, Iglesias
has always been careful to maintain an artistic separation from his famous dad. Rumors have also
circulated that that two men aren’t close, but Julio has always maintained he’s proud of his son. “What
has happened to him is sensational,” he has said. “Parents hope for great things for their children, but
how do you imagine such success?”
Indeed, in the years since he first came on to the scene, Iglesias has achieved international stardom
that in many ways rivals his father’s career. Billboard has even gone so far as to label him “The King of
Latin Pop” and “The King of Dance.”

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