How to book a celebrity


So you already made the decision to endorse your event with a celebrity. Great! Your next question will be then how to book a celebrity? EBA is a leading celebrity agency and like no other we know where and how to contact and contract your desired person. Don’t know yet who you would like to choose? In our extensive database you will find hundreds of celebrities from all over the world. We will support you to select the perfect one for your show or event.

Plenty of choice
In above-mentioned database you will find all hot names. From Hollywood stars to gold winning Olympic athletes. From inspiring entrepreneurs to international politicians. Name a celebrity and our agents know how to walk the path to realize a booking arrangement. No matter who will perform during your corporate event or trade show, success guaranteed! EBA is your foundation for this property. With years of experience we assure you a happy and unconcerned event. As a customer you will have the fun and no trouble at all.

Except for the booking…
Being a world leading celebrity booking agency we will take care of all necessary arrangements. Except for the booking we will also advise you about logistics, technical production and dealing with necessary documents. In fact we will be able to execute these tasks if you like. Further we are used to touring with celebrities. This means we can see to travel itineraries too. Last but not least we take care of all necessary arrangements, permits and scheduling on location.

Perfect endorsement
We know how to book a celebrity and what comes in to offer you a perfect endorsement. EBA is not a regular celebrity agency that will just execute your order. No, our customers expect, deserve and need total dedication. And we understand that. Due to our devotion most companies return to us repeatedly. Commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism are our key words to reach the best results with your presentation, show, party or other project.