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Born on October 28, 1963 in Cinecittà, in Rome, “where it is easier to dream than look reality in the
eyes”, Eros spends his childhood occasionally participating as an extra in mass scenes of movies
while dreaming of a celebrated career as a singer, encouraged by his Dad Rodolfo, a construction
painter who has also recorded several songs. At the end of Middle School, Ramazzotti applies to the
Conservatory but he is not accepted, therefore signing up for Accounting studies. Nevertheless, his
school career is short-lived; all he thinks about is music and he drops out in his second year of High
School. In 1981 he participates in the “Voci Nuove di Castrocaro” competition: reaching the finals with
“Rock 80”, a piece written by himself that allows him to obtain his first music contract with the young
label DDD. Eros moves to Milan and lives in the actual record company building; even his brother
Marco and mother Raffaella move to Milan. In 1982 he releases his first single, “Ad un amico”, but his
talent is not yet ripe, and he begins to work with an export musician: Renato Brioschi.
After just one year, that success arrives: Eros triumphs in the “New act” section of the Sanremo
Festival in 1984 with “Terra promessa”, written with Renato Brioschi and Alberto Salerno (co-author of
the lyrics). The song is released all over Europe, his record company considers him an international
artist from his very first record: all of his albums are simultaneously released in Italian and Spanish.
Nothing is left to chance. Even the “signature” Eros Ramazzotti becomes a familiar unchanged logo
on all of his records. In the meantime, his working team changes: Piero Cassano (having left the
group Matia Bazar) composing music, Adelio Cogliati (to this day his main author) writing lyrics and
Celso Valli (who still works with him) doing arrangements.
In 1985 Eros returns to the Sanremo Festival and arrives at sixth place with “Una storia importante”, a
song from his debut album “Cuori agitati”. The single “Una storia importante” sells a million copies in
France alone and becomes a European hit. 1986: Ramazzotti releases his second album “Nuovi eroi”
but most importantly he wins the Sanremo Festival (third consecutive appearance) with the song
“Adesso tu”.
Third album in three years: in 1987 the CD “In certi momenti” is released, containing the duet with
Patsy Kensit (at the top of her career as a singer with ‘80s sensation band Eight Wonder) “La luce
buona delle stelle”. Eros embarks in a nine-month long tour with over one million spectators. The CD
“In certi momenti” obtains outstanding results: over three million copies sold worldwide. His number of
fans increases even more with the following mini-album “Musica è” (1988), characterized by the titletrack: a 10 minutes suite with lyrical tones outstandingly performed by Ramazzotti, who proves having
reached his full artistic maturity. The confirmation of Eros Ramazzotti as an international artist arrives
in April 1990 when 200 journalists from all over the world participate in the Venice press conference
for the presentation of his fifth album: “In ogni senso”, released in 15 countries. The American record
company head Clive Davis, seduced by Eros’ talent, encourages him to hold a concert at Radio City
Music Hall in New York: Ramazzotti is the first Italian artist to perform upon this prestigious stage, with
a more than satisfying all sold out.
What follows is another long tour that closes the following year with the double live album “Eros In
Concert” in 1991: the album is presented on December 4th in Barcelona with a concert before 20
thousand people, broadcasted worldwide and sponsored by both the Italian as well as the Spanish
governments. The entire profit is given to charity, equally divided between Barcelona and Milan’s
Institute for Tumor Research. The years 1993/’94 are rich with professional satisfactions: the album
“Tutte storie” (1993) sells 6 million copies and conquers the top of the charts all over Europe. New
York cult movie director Spike Lee, who had never filmed a clip for a white artist, directs the video of
the first single “Cose della vita”. The European tour of “Tutte storie” is among the most important ones
of the season: after the shows in the old Continent, Eros sets out for a series of concerts in fifteen
Latin American countries. Returning to Italy, thanks to an idea of Ramazzotti’s, the “trio” with Pino
Daniele and Jovanotti becomes a concrete experience: the Italian live event of the year. In November
he performs live at the Mtv Awards in Berlin singing “Cose della vita”. Eros Ramazzotti’s golden year,

1994, comes to a close with a new worldwide contract with BMG International. In the summer of 1995,
he participates in the European Music Summer Festival together with Rod Stewart, Elton John and
Joe Cocker. The following year, precisely on May 13, 1996, he releases the CD “Dove c’è musica”, the
first entirely self-produced. Produced between Italy and California with the participation of
internationally renowned artists, it obtains great results: over 7 million copies sold. The professional
gratification is soon followed by an even greater personal joy: a few days after the end of his European
tour, his wife, Michelle Hunzinker, gives birth to their daughter Aurora (in Sorengo, Switzerland; on
December 5, 1996). His sole distraction in those days is “That’s All I Need To Know”, a song written
for Joe Cocker.
In October 1997, the greatest hits album “Eros” is released: a record linking the spontaneity of his first
songs to the international pop rock of the album “Dove c’è musica”. The record is enriched by two
previously unreleased compositions (“Quanto amore sei” and “Ancora un minuto di sole”) and it is
rendered even more precious by the duets with Andrea Bocelli in “Musica è” and with Tina Turner in
“Cose della vita-Can’t Stop Thinking Of You”. In February 1998, he begins a successful world tour that
brings him to South America, the United States, and Europe. In May, he participates in the “Pavarotti
and Friends” event (directed by Spike Lee, who had been director for the video clip “Cose della vita”),
singing together with Luciano Pavarotti “Se bastasse una canzone” (from the album “In ogni senso” of
1990). Also in 1998, he releases the live album “Eros Live” with two duets recorded during the world
tour: Cose della vita-Can’t Stop Thinking Of You” with Tina Turner (surprise guest star in the overcrowded concert in Milan’s San Siro stadium) and “That’s All I Need To Know-Difenderò” with Joe
Cocker (sung during the Monaco performance). In March 1999, he is given the Echo Award in
Hamburg (German music Oscar) as “best international music artist”.
Ramazzotti also works as producer within the Radiorama structure: at the beginning of 2000, he
produces Gianni Morandi’s CD “Come fa bene l’amore”. In October 2000, Eros releases “Stilelibero”
(the eighth studio album of unreleased material) that reaffirms his importance as a world artist. The
CD includes collaborations with absolutely prestigious producers such as Trevor Horn, Rick Nowels as
well as his longtime collaborators Celso Valli and Claudio Guidetti,. Among the songs there is a
breathtaking duet with Cher in the song “Più che puoi”. The year 2001 is dedicated to “Stilelibero”’s
international tour, in which Ramazzotti performs even in Eastearn European countries: unforgettable
are the three all sold out concerts at the Kremlin Palace of Moscow from the 2nd to the 4th of
November. On the last of these concert dates (Novembre 30th at Milan’s Forum), his friends join him
on stage to sing three of his duets: Raf for “Anche tu”, Patsy Kensit for “La luce buona delle stelle”,
and Antonella Bucci for “Amarti è l’immenso per me”.
Friday, May 30th, 2003 the awaited new album “9” is released; his ninth studio album: it is the first time
in over twenty years that the Roman-born and Milanese-adopted artist, uses a number as a title for his
CD. And that very number is recurrent in the records set by this record: the first single “Un’emozione
per sempre” (released on Friday, May 9th) directly hits the top of the sales charts and stays in the first
place of the radio airplays for 9 consecutive weeks. Furthermore, Ramazzotti is the first artist to hold 9
concerts (all sold out) in Milan’s Forum during the course of the same tour. The “9” CD (produced
together with Claudio Guidetti and the usual collaboration of Celso Valli) holds the # 1 spot in the sales
chart for 14 consecutive weeks and it resists for 95 consecutive weeks in the Top 100 Chart. “9” sells
3 and a half million copies worldwide (of which 1.1 million in Italy alone).
After the Festivalbar triumph, the world tour sets out from Ancona on October 11th: 100 concert dates
with over one million spectators. The unusual scenery of the show, that is a badly-trodden torn up
road with a collapsed ad board in the background (the screen for the images) is designed by Canadian
directors Serge Denancourt and Francis Laporte, from the Cirque du Soleil shows. On March 31,
2004, the European World Tour (56 dates with 550 thousand spectators) closes with a double live at
Milan’s Forum: that evening is the last of the 9 triumphant Milanese concerts (4 in December 2003, 2
in February 2004, and 3 in March), that were all sold out since pre-sales. To celebrate this successful
tour Eros gives way to an unprecedented initiative in Italy: a free concert for 12 thousand Elementary

and Middle School children in Milan. For such an event Milan’s Mayor, Gabriele Albertini awards him
with the Ambrogino d’Oro.
The world tour continues in North and South America, and in Asia, and then returns to Italy for a
summer tour in the stadiums. On October 28, the DVD “Eros Roma Live” directed by Hamish
Hamilton, one of the best UK directors of musical events in the world (he has worked with Madonna,
U2, and Robbie Williams), is released. The DVD contains the entire 7th of July concert in Rome’s
Olympic Stadium (all sold out) with the best possible audio quality (5.1 with DTS system), in addition to
a long series of extra features, among which is a “backstage” of the Roman show, a synthesis of the
entire world tour and the performance before Milan’s school children. On October 28th, 2005, his tenth
album, “Calma apparente”, is released, containing all new songs and produced together with Claudio
Guidetti,. It includes the magical duet with Anastacia “I belong to you (Il Ritmo della Passione)”. The
album sells over 2 and a half million copies, and the success of “Calma Apparente” continues in 2006
with the relative European tour, which consists in over 70 concerts. In 2006, Eros is also invited by
Amaia, not only the singer of La Oreja De Van Gogh, but also a great fan, to write the Italian version of
a couple songs from their cd “Guapa”.
The album “e²” (Eros squared) – released October 26th, 2007, two days before his 44th birthday – is a
collection of his most famous songs (from “Terra promessa” to “La nostra vita”, and from “Adesso tu”
to “L’Aurora” and “Più bella cosa”), but it can also be considered Eros Ramazzotti’s eleventh album of
new songs. In addition to the 14 orginal hits remastered, including the duets with Tina Turner, Cher,
and Anastacia, the double cd “e²” contains 4 new songs (among which the duet with Ricky Martin “Non
siamo soli”) and 17 “new versions”. In other words, songs from his previous albums, that are reborn
through a new sound created by Eros together with other artists and producers of International fame:
Gian Piero Reverberi, Michele Canova, Dado Moroni, Jon Spencer, John Shanks, Wyclef Jean, Steve
Vai, Carlos Santana, Pat Leonard, Rhythm Del Mundo, Take 6, The Chieftains e Amaia dei La Oreja
De Van Gogh. The greatest hits “e²” is the most sold album of 2007 and goes 10 times Platinum. It
reaches the top of the charts in several countries, among which Spain, Germany, France, Austria, and
Sweden, where he keeps his number one position for as much as two months. During just the first
week of album release, the cd “e²” is the most sold in Europe and the second most sold worldwide.
On December 14th, 2007, Eros Ramazzotti performs live in concert in Sibiu, Romania, nominated
European cultural capital. The invitation is honored with an extraordinary two-hour concert in the main
square. The concert lasts twice the length agreed upon with the organizers, notwithstanding the
temperature of 13 degrees below zero. It’s the second year in a row that Ramazzotti participates in
celebrations of the European cultural capital, after the live performance in Patrasso, Greece in 2006.
In 2007 Eros produces Tazenda’s album “Vida”, containing the duet “Domo mia” in which he sings a
few stanzas in Sardinian dialect with great success. That same year he is also protagonist of another
important duet: “A ti” with the Guatemalan artist Ricardo Arjona in the album “Quien dijo ayer”.
The artistic bond with Tazenda continues the following year in 2008: Ramazzotti produces the
Sardinian band’s cd “Madre Terra”. On April 4th, Eros receives the prestigious NIAF Award in
Hollywood for having promoted and valued the image of Italian music abroad. In order to fully
comprehend the great importance of this award, we can glance at a few names from the gold book
that were awarded in the previous years: Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Andrea Bocelli, and Luciano
Pavarotti. Eros Ramazzotti’s talent and fame overcome all boundaries: his few concerts this year
bring him to Asia and Australia for the first time live. On October 17th, 2008 he performs in the
beautiful theater of Khanty-Mansiysk, a town in the Siberian Steppe that lies 4 thousand kilometers
from Moscow and 300 kilometers from the closest residential town. The first Australian tour is
triumphant: sold out live in Sydney (October 25) , Melbourne (October 29), and Perth (November 1st),
with a request for a future tour with more dates, and larger venues in order to satisfy the enormous
demand for tickets. The year 2008 closes with a memorable duet: Eros sings the new song “Solo un
volo” with Ornella Vanoni. Anticipated a few weeks after the single “Parla con Me”, came the release
on May 23, 2009 the new album of Eros, entitled “Ali e Radici” (“Alas y Raices” the Spanish version)

that contained 11 new tracks from the CD, while the ‘bonus track’ “Linda e il Mare” was initially
available only on iTunes. The album immediately topped the charts in Italy and Europe and would
remain there for several weeks, until the untimely death of Michael Jackson which brought to the top of
the charts all the albums in his repertoire.
In 2009 saw the release of 2 new albums produced by Radiorama ,from the stable of emerging artists
of Ramazzotti: Gianluca Massaroni and Andrea Febo. Following the release of “Ali e Radici” in 2009
and 2010 came the world tour that brought the artist around the world in over 60 concerts including 4
in Rome, 5 in Milan, Europe and South America, Russia and – for the first time in his career – even in
Africa (in Carthage, Tunisia). November 30, 2010 The live CD+DVD came out, taken from concerts in
Milan, “21:00 – Eros Live 2009-2010 World Tour” which was to be the last recorded product to be
released by Sony. Due to the successes of the previous year Ramazzotti was invited to the
prestigious German Awards ceremony “Die Goldene Kamera”: the singer was nominated for an
international award-winning live on TV on February 5, 2011. The year 2011 marks a turning point for
the Roman singer who has sold more than 50 million records: July 21 he signed a new recording
contract with Universal Music Group that will unite the majors for several albums, a few weeks later,
August 2, 2011, the second child of Eros Ramazzotti was born, a daughter: Raffaela Maria, with his
partner Marica Pellegrinelli.
In September 2011, the Italian singer Giorgia includes on her new album titled “Dietro le Apparenze”
the duet “Inevitabile”, written and sung with Eros Ramazzotti. In 1995 Eros had already collaborated
with Giorgia, writing for her the song “Come Saprei”, winner of the Sanremo Festival. Following on
from early October and the single “Un Angelo disteso al sole”, 13 November 2012 saw the release
worldwide of “NOI”, the first solo album made with Universal Music: the album was released under a
lucky star, it soon reached number 1 ranking on iTunes in 17 countries around the world. On 1
January 2013 Rai 2 devoted a long prime time special to Eros Ramazzotti that covered his entire
career, “public-private” and showed, for the first time, images from the live event of November 10,
2012 from which the Roman artist had premiered the album “NOI”, to the fans and the international
press in Rome in “his Cinecittà”.

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