Famous speakers


Famous speakers for you event
Being an experienced booking agency we have booked the most famous speakers for all kinds of events. We have an extensive database with speakers from all over the world. Name someone and we will contact and contract your desired speaker. The proven power of famous speakers is a guarantee for your success. Our company is your foundation for this prosperity. It is our challenge to make your event as successful as possible.

Booking famous speakers
Contacting and contracting is one part of our job. Of course we also take care of all necessary arrangements: logistics, settling documents and technical production for example. Our clients need to have the fun and should not notice the work behind the scenes. Keeping you carefree is our aim we always like to take up.

Everlasting memories
We offer you total support to choose, select and book the perfect endorsement. For your kick-off, product presentation or other performance. By experience we know famous speakers are the cherry on your pie. They make the difference. Our clients will be treated with everlasting memories. That’s for sure.

Total dedication
We always want to meet with your wishes completely. Hiring an ordinary booking agency will not be sufficient then. Our customers need total dedication. We guarantee this attachment which means a lot of companies come back to us to utilize our services. Dedication, quality and experience are our key words to reach the best results for your presentation, event or project. These successes encourage our customers to return to us constantly.

Harry Beckwith

Harry beckwith

Harry Beckwith has led major marketing initiatives for 14 Fortune 100 companies, including Target, Wells Fargo, Merck and IBM, work that has won the American Marketing Association’s highest award. Harry also…

Jason Jennings


Jason Jennings has spent twenty years founding and leading successful businesses and consulting other companies; teaching them how to achieve their full economic potential. He was the youngest radio station group…

Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero has the most advanced, leading-edge “business to business” sales and sales management training available today. Everything he does is extensively researched and has one bottom line focus…to increase…

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is one of the most versatile men in Hollywood. He recently hosted Comedy Central’s “Too Late with Adam Carolla” and starred in TLC’s “The Adam Carolla Project,” which…

Adam Hartung


Adam Hartung helps companies innovate to achieve real growth with 20 years of practical experience in developing and implementing strategies to take advantage of emerging technologies and new business models.…