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Performer Donny Osmond was born in Odgen, Utah on Dec. 9, 1957. He appeared on The Andy
Williams Show five-years-old with his siblings in the Osmond Brothers. Due to a strong Mormon
upbringing, Donny and his family had a clean cut image. He became Singer, actor, television
personality. Born Donald Clark Osmond on December 9, 1957, in Odgen, Utah. A natural entertainer,
Donny Osmond began performing with his older brothers as part of the Osmond Brothers when he
was a young child. Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay Osmond had already been singing together for a few
years before adding Donny to the group. In 1962, the Osmond Brothers appeared on The Andy
Williams Show, which introduced the singing group to a national audience. They became regular
guests on the show, and Donny first joined his brothers on the program when he was five. Initially the
group sang barbershop quartet style harmonies on religious material, but they later incorporated more
popular material into their act. Dedicated to their Mormon faith, the Osmond Brothers were known for
their squeaky clean image. Like Michael Jackson of The Jackson 5, Donny Osmond became the
standout performer in the group. He served as the lead vocalist on many of the group’s tracks,
including their first big hit, “One Bad Apple,” which spent five weeks at the top of the pop charts in
1971. Then billing themselves as the Osmonds, they had several more hits with “Down by the Lazy
River” and “Crazy River.” For much of the early 1970s, the group developed an enthusiastic teenage
fan base with some calling it “Osmondmania” after the earlier frenzy over the Beatles known as
Beatlemania. Also pursuing a solo career, Donny had a pop hit with “Go Away Little Girl” in 1971. He
recorded several albums on his own, which spawned such commercially successful songs as “Too
Young” and “Puppy Love,” a cover of the popular Paul Anka hit. Continuing to perform and record with
his family as well, Donny and the Osmonds scored their last big hit in 1974 with “Love Me for a
Reason.” Around this time, Donny began performing with his younger sister Marie. The duo had two
hits, “Morning Side of the Mountain” and “I’m Leaving It All Up to You” in 1974. A wholesome and
photogenic pair, they were featured in their own television special in 1975, which proved to be quite
popular with viewers. This led to the siblings getting their own variety show the following year.
Debuting in January 1976, Donny and Marie was a hour-long program filled with songs and skits.
Donny was “a little bit rock and roll” while Marie was “a little bit country,” according to the lyrics of their
theme song. A little bit rock and roll seemed to be apt description for him. He went out of his way to
maintain his wholesome image and to be true to his religious values. Even the lyrics of songs were
changed to avoid mentioning things that were forbidden in his religion, such as alcohol.” There are so
many really beautiful songs with obscene lyrics…in one song, where the line was ‘wine and whiskey,’
we substituted ‘milk’ and arranged for the band to do a double-take,” Donny Osmond explained to
People magazine in 1977.
Donny and Marie had many guest stars, including comedian Paul Lynde, Andy Williams, Kris
Kristofferson, and Andy Gibb. Most of all, the show featured the much of the Osmond family from
younger brother Jimmy to the original members of the Osmond BrothersAlan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay.
After its first season, the show was moved to its production to a studio facility the Osmond family had
built in their hometown of Orem, Utah. In 1978, Donny and Marie also starred in their own feature film
Goin’ Coconuts, which incorporated a lot of singing and joking around—just like their variety show. It
failed to impress critics or movie audiences. That same year, Osmond married his girlfriend Debbie at
the Salt Lake City Temple. The two had dated in secret to protect her from all media attention—but
that attention was beginning to wane. Soon television audiences tired of the squeaky clean brothersister act and their renditions of older, more family friendly songs. Disco and more urban styles of
music were all the rage, making the Osmonds seem completely out of step with the times. The show—
then known as The Osmond Family Hour—left the air in May 1979. After the show was cancelled,
Osmond floundered professionally for many years. He was, as he has written on his website, “uncool
to the max, a prisoner of my teenybopper past.” In 1982, Osmond made his Broadway debut in Little
Johnny Jones, but this musical revival quickly closed. It was not until the late 1980s that Osmond was
able to revive his music career with some help from an unlikely source—Peter Gabriel. At the time,
Gabriel was enjoying great reviews as well as achieving chart success with his innovative rock music.

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