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Being agents for years, we’ve booked the worlds most famous celebrities for private and corporate events. From international artists to soccer players, from movie stars to leading entrepreneurs. Name the celebrity and we will arrange it for you. With years of experience we assure you a successful corporate event, private concert, campaign or press presentation when you book a celebrity at EBA.

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Being one of the worlds’ leading booking agencies, we can take care of all necessary arrangements. From booking to contracting. We will also advise you about logistics, riders as well as technical production. As we are used to touring with artists we can see to travel itineraries. Moreover we look after all necessary arrangements, permits and scheduling on location.
Worldwide experience

We don’t just book celebrities. We create memories that will last a lifetime. As we work for multinationals and the largest corporations in the world we are familiar with all the wishes and needs. Your individual desire is our challenge. EBA offers you total support to choose, select and book the perfect endorsement for your company or project.

The perfect match

As we are in direct contact with numerous celebrities, we can always offer someone who meets your wishes, be it an artist, a sports celebrity, an actor, a politician or an entrepreneur. Our commitment to take care of your needs combined with our proven quality and experience, will result in a successful event, launch, meeting or function. Don’t know who fits best? We’ll help you out.

With our agents and direct access to celebrities all over the globe EBA arranges your perfect match!

Al Pacino


Arguably the greatest and most accomplished actor of his generation, Al Pacino became a cultural icon thanks to revered performances in a wide range of classic films, including “The Godfather”…

Colin Quinn

collin quinn

Colin Quinn is an Irish-American comedian. He was born in Brooklyn and was raised in the Park Slope section of the borough. His gravelly Brooklyn accent and mannerisms are a…

Aaron Carter


Aaron was born in Tampa, Florida. He is the younger brother of Nick Carter(one of the stars of the teen supergroup The Backstreet Boys and has three sisters (Angel Carter…

Adam Baldwin


Baldwin was born in Chicago, Illinois. He studied at New Trier Township High School East in Winnetka, Illinois, and once worked as a truck driver. Appearing in dozens of films since…

Adam Busch

Adam busch

Adam Busch stars in the TBS hit series, “Men At Work,” in which he co-stars with with Danny Masterson, James Lesure and Michael Cassidy. He is known to most audiences…