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Hans Dolph Lundgren was born and raised in an academic middle-class family in Stockholm, Sweden.
Despite an early interest in rock n’ roll drumming and clowning around in high school comedies, Dolph
decided to follow in his father’s more cerebral footsteps and pursue an engineering degree. Dolph
went through some hard times during his teenage years when Dolph’s father, his precious career
losing steam — started taking out his frustration on his wife and oldest son. Both verbally and more so:
physically. Dolph feels that the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father later motivated
him to pursue both contact sports and the dramatic arts. ‘I still love my father, no matter what
happened. There are many things about him I still admire. As a child, I was probably too much like
him, very stubborn — perhaps that’s what he couldn’t deal with’, Dolph says. After having served in the
Swedish Marine Corps for two years, Lundgren enrolled in the Royal Institute of Technology in
Stockholm, studying the same subject as his older brother: Chemical Engineering. Dolph was still
trying to prove something to his dad. It was as a late teenager that Dolph first came in contact with the
martial arts. An insecure and allergic younger child, Dolph enjoyed this opportunity to work out and
getting stronger, proving that he could stand up to other athletic kids. ‘I wanted to feel that I was
somebody who could accomplish something on my own — that I wasn’t a loser like my dad used to tell
me during his tirades’, Dolph says. ‘It is a known fact that boys with a troubled father-son relationship
are drawn to physically challenging contact sports, like boxing, wrestling and karate. That was
definitely me.’ After spending five years training harder than anybody else in the dojo, Dolph Lundgren
was a world-class competitor in Japanese full-contact karate. He was also getting deeper involved with
a samurai philosophy of life that since has become an important part of his persona – both on and offscreen. After graduating high school a straight-A student, Dolph spent considerable time in the United
States on various academic scholarships. He attended both Washington State University and Clemson
University, studying Chemistry. ‘My dad always told me that if I wanted to make something special with
my life, I had to go to America’, Dolph remembers. ‘He said that in Europe, a man was usually stuck in
his social position and didn’t have the opportunity to advance. He was right.’
In the early eighties, Dolph graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and
completed his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering on an exchange program with the University
of Sydney in Australia. Graduating at the head of his class, Dolph was then awarded a Fulbright
scholarship to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, one of the world’s top
engineering schools. He was finally on his way to America. A Fulbright scholar Dolph could now finally
consider himself a ‘success’ with a bright future, perhaps as the CEO of some large corporation — but
somehow the academic world could not make him fully satisfied. He was soon to stumble on a
profession that would. In the words of writer David Mamet: ‘Nobody with a happy childhood ever went
into show business…’ While preparing to move to Boston, the 25-year old PhD student met his definite
physical match: exotic singer Grace Jones. The blonde Swede and the dark beauty fell in love and he
decided to move in with her in New York City. Dolph took up modeling at the famous Zoli Agency to
make some extra cash. ‘A bit too tall and muscular for a model’s size 40′, Dolph also started working
as a doorman at ‘The Limelight’, an infamous nightspot in Manhattan where one of his fellow
‘bouncers’ was Chazz Palmitieri – soon to find his own fame in Hollywood… Dolph was to begin at MIT
a few months later. A friend’s gave him some advice: ‘Hey man, you sure look like you should be in the
movies…and you can kick ass’. Dolph listened and started studying drama at the Warren Robertson
Theatre Workshop in Manhattan, not knowing how quickly his life was about to change. ‘My time in
New York City opened up my adolescent Swedish eyes to a multitude of different people and
lifestyles, mostly in the arts. I hung out with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Iman and Steve Rubell,
danced at Studio 54 and studied acting with Andy McDowell and Tom Hulce.’ Mostly based on his
Scandinavian looks, within a year Dolph had received numerous film offers. His motion picture debut
came in the James Bond feature A VIEW TO A KILL in 1985. ‘I’m on screen for no more than ten
seconds, if you blink you miss me…’. However, it was Dolph’s memorable performance in ROCKY IV
later that year that definitely got him noticed worldwide. After a nine- month audition process among
5,000 hopefuls, Dolph was chosen by writer-director Sylvester Stallone to be his fearsome Soviet.

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