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As a life coach I’ve helped thousands people achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives. As a teen I was bless with cancer; as a battle for my life, I gained new perspectives. I am able to see solutions to problems in unique ways that others do not see. I have learned that relationships are a vital part of life and how we interact with others determine our success in life. The most important relationship and the one that should be the healthiest is the relationship you have with yourself. Think about how important relationships are: Work: We have and build relationships with employees, co-workers, the boss, and customers if you master relationships you can end work politics and get to work and produce better results.

Home: We have and build relationships with all the members of our family if you master your family relationships you have more time enjoying each others company rather than wasting time fixing a broken home dynamic. School: We have and build relationships with others there as well if you know how to master relationship you can get an A in every class. What if you could learn to read people, diffuse their defenses and get them all to accept you and your view points. Wouldn’t that make going to work or anywhere a joy? Allow me to change your perspective in life and begin to feel joy of having fruitful relationships everywhere you go. Success is measure in how happy you are in life not in how much you make and the long lasting relationships you cultivate during your life.

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EBA is one of the biggest entertainment booking agencies in the World. We book hundreds of celebrities, artist, athletes and speakers in a year. Important to know is that we are not claiming to be the management of Bruno De Ferrari. We are not the official agent for Bruno De Ferrari. Companies from around the globe book these artists and speakers true our company be course we have one of the biggest networks and we always have direct contact with the artist or the management. We help you to find the right celebrities for your corporate of private events. Please contact one of our agents to get free advice and we will help to get the world-famous artist on your party.