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Known for his good looks and a career that seems to flag and revive on a regular basis, Rob Lowe is
one of Hollywood’s perennial mainstays. From Hollywood Brat-Packer to faded star to mature actor,
Lowe is proof that a good smile and a name that everyone remembers takes you a long way in the
movies. Robert Hepler Lowe was born to parents Chuck, a lawyer, and Barbara Hepler Lowe, a
teacher. Lowe has one brother, Chad, who is four years younger and is also an actor. The family
moved to Dayton, Ohio, when Lowe was a child but his parents divorced when he reached the age of
four. Lowe caught the acting bug early after seeing a production of Oliver at the age of eight. He later
described the experience as an epiphany. “When I saw those kids onstage, I wanted to be there. I
loved acting because it was a world outside the world I was living in – a place where I could be
someone else.”
“I showed up in Malibu in my Levi Tough Skins, which were chic in Ohio, and all the other kids were
surfers and volleyball players. It wasn’t a pretty picture.” Lowe acted in local theatre productions and
his good looks got him work in local television and modelling. By age 12 he had acted in over 30 stage
productions. His mother Barbara divorced for a second time and remarried a Californian. Lowe and his
brother Chad moved with her out to Los Angeles, a move that small-town boy Lowe was nervous
about. At Santa Monica High School Lowe’s mid-Western good looks got him teased as a “sissy’’. He
recalls: “I showed up in Malibu in my Levi Tough Skins, which were chic in Ohio, and all the other kids
were surfers and volleyball players. It wasn’t a pretty picture.” Some of those other kids would turn out
to be future fellow-stars including Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn who all attended the
school. Lowe continued auditioning for parts and scored roles in television shows like A Matter of Time
and in 1979 landed a role on the series A New Kind of Family. He received a Golden Globe
nomination for his role in Thursday’s Child.
His first steps to real stardom came in 1983 with his role as Sodapop Curtis in Francis Ford Coppola’s
classic The Outsiders. The film, a tale of turf war between two teenage gangs, was a prophecy of
future stardom. One movie poster shows a young Lowe with, (an also young) Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon,
Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, and C Thomas Howell, all who would go on to find
varying degrees of fame. Two more film roles in 1984, Hotel New Hampshire and Oxford Blues, saw
Lowe named as a “Promising New Actor of 1984’’ in Screen World. 1985 saw the fledgling actor in the
role that would define his early career. After Youngblood with Patrick Swayze, Lowe appeared in the
now-cult classic St Elmo’s Fire. Starring opposite Estevez, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and
others Lowe played Billy Hicks, the college-jock of a group of recently graduated students trying to
adjust to real life. Despite winning a Razzie award for Worst Supporting Actor, the film marked Lowe
as one of the “Brat Pack” of new Hollywood talent that emerged in the mid 1980s. In 1986, Lowe
appeared in About Last Night with fellow Brat Packer Demi Moore and comedian Jim Belushi. The
following year Lowe branched out in his acting and played a mentally handicapped man in Square
Dance, a role that garnered him his second Golden Globe nomination. “When I was young and crazy, I
was young and crazy. It can be hard enough just to be in your teens and 20s.”
Two films in 1988, Masquerade and Illegally Yours, were overshadowed by a sex-tape scandal that
was a major blow to Lowe’s career. 1990’s Bad Influence saw Lowe playing a murderous psychopath
and it was also where he met his wife, make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff who he had dated briefly seven
years earlier. The couple were married about a year later. Lowe made forays into comedy that year
with the romantic comedy If The She Fits and as host of Saturday Night Live in which he lampooned
his troubles of the past few years. 1991 had two forgettable movies- The Dark Backward and Finest
Hour though 1992 saw something of a turning point. That year Lowe made his Broadway debut in a
production of Little Hotel On The Side and he filmed Wayne’s World, a role that saw him revert to type
- smarmy, good-looking and sleazy – but in a way that poked fun at his yuppie image.

In 1993 Lowe and Berkoff’s first child, Edward, was born. That year he made the film Fox Hunt which
was followed in 1994 by the role of deaf-mute Nick Andros in the television mini-series of Stephen
King’s novel The Stand. The same year Lowe produced and starred in the western Frank and Jesse
playing the outlaw Jesse James. A second child, John, was born to the couple in 1995. A few small
roles in 1996 were followed by an “up’’ year in 1997 with part in the sci-fi movie Contact with Jodie
Foster, For Hire, Living in Peril, and an uncredited role in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
He returned in the second Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me, in 1999 as a young
version of the arch-villain’s right-hand man Number Two. In 2000, spurred by both his mother and
grandmother succumbing to breast cancer, Lowe became the first male spokesperson for the Lee
Denim Day fundraiser which raises money to fight the disease. Though it was films that had begun his
career, a turn to television in 1999 would see Lowe in his most recognised part yet. Lowe took a
starring role in the series The West Wing, a dramatic and idealised account of the American president
and his White House staffers. The show was supposed to centre on Lowe’s presidential speech-writer
character Sam Seaborne but the cast of the show was so strong that it became more of an ensemble
piece. Despite his demotion from the limelight Lowe won an Emmy and two Golden Globe Award
Nominations for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Lowe left the series in 2003 after disputes with the
show’s creator Aaron Sorkin, who also quit with director and executive producer Thomas Schlamme
soon after.
Several failed television shows followed until success in 2004 with another Stephen King-based miniseries, Salem’s Lot. In 2005 Lowe appeared in a West End stage production of A Few Good Men
which had been written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. The production received very good
reviews. He then had a critically acclaimed role in the independent film Thank You For Smoking in
2006 and he appeared in a guest-starring role in the series Brothers and Sisters. His appearance
there was well received and Lowe remained on the show to the end of the season and into the 2007
season also.

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