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Born Francine Joy Drescher in Flushing, Queens, on September 30, 1957, Fran Drescher became
famous for her starring role on the TV sitcom The Nanny. She also starred in several Hollywood films;
penned two books, Enter Whining and Cancer Schmancer; and started a cancer awareness group, the
Cancer Schmancer Movement.
Actress, producer, writer, comedian. Francine Joy Drescher was born in Flushing, Queens, on
September 30th, 1957, as the youngest of two children. Drescher’s mother Sylvia was a bridal
consultant and father, Mort, was a systems analyst for the U.S. Navy. While attending Parsons Junior
High, Drescher realized she was interested in acting. At Hillcrest High School (where she shared
several classes with comedian and fellow student Ray Romano), Drescher joined the drama club.
There she met and began dating classmate Peter Marc Jacobson. She performed in school shows,
but while her high school drama and diction coaches recognized her promise and drive, they were
confounded by her thick accent and nasal delivery. Undaunted by the criticism, a determined Drescher
entered herself in the 1973 Miss Teen New York pageant. She took home second place, but viewed
the competition as a calling card; Drescher told local talent agents she’d won the pageant, and used
the fibbed victory to pitch herself as a potential client.
After graduating in 1975, the inseparable Drescher and Jacobson started school at Queens College,
but quickly dropped out. Instead, they enrolled in cosmetology school and regularly commuted to
nearby New York City for auditions. Both realized that their theatrical aspirations were long shots, and
hedged their bets by studying hairstyling. They briefly supported themselves by giving “$5 unisex
haircuts” until Drescher was cast as Connie in 1977′s Saturday Night Fever. Her success continued
with another character role in 1978′s American Hot Wax. On November 4th of that same year,
Jacobson and 21-year-old Drescher wed in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York.
Over the next few years, Drescher struggled to launch her career. She scored numerous film and
television appearances like Gorp (1980) and Doctor Detroit (1983), and notably appeared as publicist
Bobbi Flekman in 1984′s This is Spinal Tap. In the meantime, she and Jacobson worked tirelessly to
market and promote themselves and develop their shared investments. In 1986, Drescher and her
husband encountered misfortune when they became the target of a violent attack. Two assailants
bound and gagged Jacobson, and sexually assaulted Drescher and a female friend. While the
attackers were eventually caught and imprisoned, the episode was deeply traumatic. The couple
sought counseling and looked to close friends (and former Dr. Detroit co-stars) Dan Aykroyd and
Donna Dixon for support.
The relentlessly positive Drescher soon returned to her acting career and entrepreneurial ventures. In
1988, the couple started Loaf and Kisses, a gourmet crouton company. Drescher also reprised her
role as a loud-mouthed New Yorker in Cadillac Man (1990), with co-stars Robin Williams and Tim
Robbins, as well as in the short-lived 1991 television series “Princesses.” When “Princesses” was put
on hiatus, a dejected Drescher headed to Europe. Coincidentally, her first-class seatmate was CBS
executive Jeff Sagansky. The two talked for the duration of the flight, and Drescher managed to
secure a development meeting with the exec upon her return to Los Angeles. While in Europe,
Drescher visited legendary model and “Princesses” co-star, Twiggy Lawson. Interacting with Lawson’s
children sparked an idea for a new TV show: Drescher would star as Fran Fine, the big-hearted, bigmouthed, big-haired nanny to three upper-class children of a widowed aristocrat (played by British
actor Charles Shaughnessy). When she returned to L.A., Drescher and Jacobson refined the concept
and pitched the show to CBS. The role was tailor-made for Drescher, and “The Nanny” officially hit the
airwaves in 1993.

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