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Best known by anyone who grew up in the 90s as ‘Beverly Hills 90210′s’ favourite virgin, Donna, Tori
Spelling has continued to live the fame game to the max long since she graduated from the fictional
high school. Having proven her worth as a reality TV star in recent years, Spelling isn’t afraid to ride
out the bad press with the good and has earned credit for making a name for herself, despite her
privileged upbringing, through sheer hard work and determination. Victoria Davey (Tori) Spelling was
born on 16 May 1973 to parents Candy and acclaimed TV producer Aaron Spelling. She had the good
fortune to be born into a family of immense wealth – Aaron was worth a reported $250 million,
accumulated from producing hit shows such as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Dynasty’ and her home was the
largest residential property in the entire state of California, with over 100 rooms, including a bowling
alley and a doll museum. At the age of six, Spelling announced her grand plans to become an actress.
And who better to kick-start her career than her father? Having earned points as an obedient daddy’s
girl, Aaron dutifully gave her a part in his TV programme, ‘Vega$’ (1981) and hired an acting coach to
help chivvy along her talents. More roles soon followed thanks to her father’s weighty Hollywood status
and it wasn’t long before Spelling became a true Hollywood-talent-in-the-making, even having a nose
job aged 16.
In 1990 she auditioned for the role of Kelly Taylor in Aaron’s new teen drama, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′
using the alias Tori Mitchell in a vague bid to be given ‘normal’ treatment. But she was instantly
recognised as the daughter of the producer and lost out on the part to Jennie Garth, while she instead
was cast as earnest do-gooder Donna Martin. ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ followed the lives of a group of
teenagers in a posh fictitious Beverly Hills high school and when the show premiered it was an instant
hit with millions of teenagers across the US. Soon it began to be screened internationally and almost
overnight the cast became pin-ups, adorning the bedrooms of hormonal, angst-ridden youths across
the world. Spelling was on a career high, also starring in TV movies and keeping the media happy by
dating as many hunks as possible. 90210 continued to pull in the ratings and seven years into its run,
viewers had watched in eager anticipation as the leading characters all lost their virginity to each other
– except for Spelling’s character, Donna. Thanks to her father’s influence in the show, he wasn’t going
to sit back and let the script pass that saw his daughter get down and dirty with some chiselled hunk,
and so Donna Martin became TV’s most famous virgin. Only a couple of years later did Aaron finally
concede defeat and see Martin finally pair off with the most patient boyfriend in history, David Silver
(Brian Austin Green). Spelling also starred in her first feature film, ‘The House of Yes’ (1997), while
90210 merrily ticked on, but it bombed at the box office and critics were quick to pan her performance.
In 2000 the plug was pulled on ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ after 10 seasons and nearly 300 episodes. For
Spelling it was the chance to finally put Donna Martin to bed for good and attempt to prove her acting
talent through other realms. “I think I’ve finally stopped being Aaron Spelling’s daughter,” she said at
the time. Taking a part in the spoof franchise, ‘Scary Movie 2′ (2001) was a wise move as the film took
over $130 million at the box office and she at last could claim to be part of a big-budget feature film
success. From film to stage, in 2002 Spelling made her debut treading the boards in ‘Maybe Baby, It’s
You’ at the Coronet Theatre in LA. The play ran for two months and much to the surprise of those who
doubted any natural talent, she received rave reviews. She also began dating co-star Charlie Shanian,
who co-wrote the play as well as starred in it. Three years after the hit show came to an end, the cast
of Beverly Hills were clearly running a little low on work and on 11th May 2003, a one-off reunion
programme was aired but Spelling did not appear. Her agent claimed she was simply too busy working
on other projects to take part, although rumours circulated that she had in fact not come to a
satisfactory agreement about her salary.
In 2004 Spelling and Shanian tied the knot at her family mansion in front of 350 guests. The ceremony
was reported to have cost $1 million, with a champagne fountain and the couple’s dogs as the flower
girl and ring bearer. Yet the union wasn’t to last as Spelling fell for her co-star (something of a trait)
Dean McDermott in the 2005 TV film, ‘Mind over Murder’. McDermott had been married for 12 years
when they met but within just a month, both he and Spelling had filed for divorce from their mutual

partners. On Christmas Eve, after just four months together, McDermott proposed in a horse-drawn
carriage in Toronto. In May 2006 they married on an island in Fiji, barefoot on the beach with no
guests – radically different from the mammoth celebrations she’d enjoyed with her wedding to
Shanian. Spelling’s father had taken the news of her marriage collapse, and subsequent hasty plans
to remarry, badly, and the pair didn’t speak for nine months. But in June 2006 Aaron suffered a stroke
and Spelling headed home to make amends. On 23rd June 2006 Aaron died age 83 at home and
Spelling was devastated, more so because she wasn’t told of the news from her mother, but instead
from a friend e-mailing her. Despite her father’s estimated wealth of $300 million at the time of his
death, Spelling kept the tabloids busy when it was leaked that she had only received $1 million in his
will. To give the lady credit, rather than dwell on her ‘measly’ handout, she used her entire inheritance
to open a bed and breakfast on a 9-acre estate 100 miles outside of LA, in October 2006. The risky
move was for the purpose of a new reality TV series she and Dean had landed, ‘Tori & Dean: Inn
Love’, to chart the lives of the new lovebirds and the imminent arrival of their first baby – news which
finally repaired damaged relations between Spelling and her mother.
Son Liam Aaron was born on 13th March 2003 and the first series of ‘Tori and Dean’ attracted a large
enough audience to commission a second series in 2008. Finally life seemed to reach a happy
momentum and in June 2008, the couple welcomed their second baby, Stella, into the world. In 2009,
Tori reprised the role that helped make her famous – Donna Martin – when she returned for two
episodes of ’90210′, which has been remade for a ‘noughties’ audience. Her biographical book ‘sTori
Telling’ was released in 2009 and reached the New York Times bestseller list. It was consequently
named the best celebrity autobiography of the year. In May that year, her reality show ‘Tori & Dean:
Home Sweet Hollywood’ started its fourth season. Her second book called ‘Mommywood’ was
released on 14 April 2009 and her third ‘unchartered terriTORI’ was published in 2010. She told
People magazine: “I love sharing my stories and experiences with people and connecting to them on
both a humorous and emotional level. “The response to my first two books has been so amazing that I
wanted to write a third one for my fans.”
Credit must go to Spelling, the little rich girl who could have oh-so-easily lived the high-life off the back
of her father’s well-earned dollars. Instead, she has always remained focus on her acting career, albeit
missing the mark on occasions and facing the wrath of scathing critics. It seems she and McDermott
have found their niche through the success of their reality TV series – which just goes to show that
despite persevering at acting, all people really want to see and most appreciate is the real Tori

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